Open Positions

Ultrafast science with electrons under light-cycle control

Join ultrafast science! We investigate the ultrafast motion of atoms and electrons during matter transformations. Using femtosecond lasers and electron microscopes, we can make movies of such motions in all four dimensions of space and time.

Working with us involves femtosecond and attosecond lasers, modern electron microscopy, single-electron-counting electronics, condensed matter physics and quantum simulations. Yet all experiments are table-top and will be operated by yourself and our small team.

Masterarbeiten & Bachelorarbeiten (Stand 20203):

  • Erzeugung von Single-cycle-Laserlicht mit stabiler Carrier-envelope-Phase
  • Kompression von Elektronenpulsen mit den elektrischen Feldern von Laserlicht
  • Quantenoptik mit Elektronen (Theorie und/oder Experiment)
  • Messung von laser-induzierter Phononendynamik in magnetischen Materialien
  • Herstellung von Metamaterialien mittels der Elektronestrahllithographie
  • Programmierung einer superschnellen Bilderkennung für Einzelelektronencluster
  • ...oder ähnlich, abhängig von Interesse/Erfahrung!

Open PhD & Postdoc Positions:

We are continuously looking for outstanding candidates with experience in femtosecond lasers, electron microscopy, nanostructures or condensed matter dynamics. Please contact us with your CV!

Hiwi gesucht!

Wir suchen aktuell mehrere praktisch begabte Physikerinnen und Physiker zur Unterstützung unserer laufenden Experimente zur Laserphysik und Elektronenmikroskopie. Bitte melden!

Cool & funny cinematic movie trailer

On occasion of the Abend der Physik in 2022, students made a cool and funny cinematic movie trailer about the spirit in our team (in German). Take a look!

There is also a making-of film. Many thanks to the film team and all actors; you are awesome!